Fire Safety

We all know what a fire looks like – but have you considered the consequences?

Fire can spread in a minute and can cause irreparable damage, not only to your property but to your business.  Are you insured for all consequences?

Consider the effects of water damage – to assets, computers and paperwork (to all your company records).

Consider the possibility of asbestos materials being damaged – the costs of removal can be enormous.

It is a legal requirement for the owner or occupier of all commercial premises to undertake adequate fire risk assessment – the above demonstrates why.

Wenlock H&S Ltd works alongside Unicorn Fire & Safety Solutions who can provide you with a robust Fire Risk Assessment and Report to meet your legal requirement.

This would include the identification of all sources of fuel and ignitions, and how to remove or reduce and protect from the risk. A full, easy to read report will be produced for your records, with an action plan, recommendations and valuable advice.

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