ALL employers must remember that, no matter what type of company they run, they must establish the following within their work premises:

– Fire Risk Assessment and appropriate training

– Emergency procedures and appropriate training

– An Asbestos Management System and appropriate training

– Regular PAT testing

– A suitable inspection regime for all work equipment

– A suitable inspection regime for the premises

– A suitable number of trained first-aiders

– An Accident Book and RIDDOR reporting system

And …

– A suitable contractor management to ensure that all persons engaged to work within the premises are (a) aware of the safety issues, and (b) comply to the company’s requirements and expectations

All these issues are being actively targeted by the HSE and Las.  Please contact Wenlock Health & Safety Ltd for advice and assistance.

Never forget that, in law, the employer is responsible for the safety of the employees and any person working in or entering the premises for any reason.

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