An article from the HSE on their top 10 bizarre health and safety ‘bans’…

… shows how people hide behind the negative reputation given to health and safety as an excuse for making unpopular decisions.

There seems to have been a push to ensure people understand the real reasons behind these sometimes silly decisions and hopefully people might begin to leave health and safety alone and question the people who’ve actually made the comments rather than choosing an industry they don’t understand to blame.

Local Authorities and schools are sometimes forces to make redical decisions, such as banning school children from using the monkey bars without supervision, because of the very real risk of parents/people making claims against them if something were to happen. The ‘where there’s blame there’s a claim’ culture that we’ve got ourselves into we think plays a huge part in health and safety having such a negative reputation.

It goes like this…
Accident happens, company/Local Authority has a claim made against them, claim goes through, compensation pay out, new rule put in place (mainly to prevent future claims), ‘elf n safety’ blamed for new rule, poor reputation remains.

Do us a favour please and look into the facts before assuming health and safety laws have intruded. If the people who write these off-putting articles knew anything about health and safety then they might start reporting things correctly.

This needs to change to help people take health and safety more seriously – you won’t be mocking it if a failing causes harm or injury to a loved one, or yourself.