As we approach the bad Winter weather, it is worth reminding companies that the responsibility for keeping a safe working area is the employer’s and, if it becomes impossible to keep premises or site entrances, walkways, car-parking or working areas free from ice and hazardous conditions, then these areas must closed to access.

Just a reminder – for owned commercial premises, your land is your responsibility. If you’re in managed premises, you need to agree a way forward with the landlord.  However, NEVER clear area which is either public or not your responsibility; a good turn may back-fire!

We should also remind companies that ice and snow are not the only weather conditions that may compromise safe working conditions.  Other factors such as heavy rain and floods, high winds, extremes of temperature, etc could all affect safety and the well-being (health) of the individual – they must all be properly considered within site-specific risk assessment. 

Also, winter driving can be an issue. Take a look at these top tips from the AA…