A New Year’s resolution?  To ensure that all systems and advice given by Health and Safety Consultants are put into practice.

Too often the procedures as supplied by advisers, which are required legally (all necessary to promote a safe working environment, nothing more sinister), are ignored until it is too late.

On several occasions last year, clients failed to implement sufficient ‘safe systems’ with significant consequential results, ranging from serious injuries to HSE enforcement.  Injuries can result in prosecution and/or serious financial losses for the employing company; several of our clients are finding this out the hard way.
However, we must never lose sight of the fact that we are talking about people and their livelihoods here.  No employer can willingly risk the health and safety of an employee (or others) to save money, get the job done quicker or by not finding time to establish those all-important safe systems; evidently, some employers have still not altered their Dickensian attitudes, with serious consequences.  We all have the right to return safe and sound from a day’s work – your employees are your responsibility and neither the law, or the family of the victim, will let you forget that.
We all have to watch the pennies during this continuing recessionary period.  However, the safe systems advocated and provided by Consultants are easy to implement and maintain; the cost and effort of putting them into practice is nothing compared to the possible consequences of not doing it.  Ultimately, the result of an incident could be the demise of your company.